Australia Residential Database June 2013 Update

We are currently in the middle of a major residential database update for June 2013. As always, this also represents a significant update to existing numbers. Here is what the latest update brings:

  • 95,884 new phone numbers
  • 82,528 new mobile numbers
  • 2,467,760 total mobile numbers
  • 15,581,692 total phone numbers

Happy reverse searching everyone!

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2 Responses to Australia Residential Database June 2013 Update

  1. m sampson says:

    i looked up my own number and a close relatives number and the comments list had a lot of complaints. We have never rung these people. How can we find out if our phones have been highacked?

  2. Simone says:

    I have a stalker who started a number on this site link
    Now there is all these people making comments, harassing , defamation. The number does not even exist. They are just harassing me. They are blaming me for comments they are making. My family and work can see these. This site is for telmarketers etc. It should not be used for harassment. Please help me remove all comments. Its really sad and I am a victim. My children can see them its sick.

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