Australia Residential Database October 2014 Update

We have just finished a major residential database update for October 2014, bringing our last update of the year. As always, this also represents a significant update to existing numbers. Here is what the latest update brings:

  • 56,442 new phone numbers
  • 15,972 new mobile numbers
  • 2,705,477 total mobile numbers
  • 16,080,282 total phone numbers

Happy reverse searching everyone!

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2 Responses to Australia Residential Database October 2014 Update

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi, I wanted to remove my phone number from your listing as it is and always has been silent so am not sure how it comes to be listed here. I have sent three emails to customersupport at Reverse Australia and keep getting an automotated reply back to say that my last name and the name on the account don’t match. I realise this because I changed my name five years ago but I have the documentation to prove it. So the question is what can I send to Reverse Australia to prove that I have had a name change and therefore get my silent number removed from your site? Can you please reply and not with an automated message. Thank you.

  2. Andrea says:

    Please remove my number from your list it is silent and always has been. I have changed my name five years ago. What can I send you to prove this?

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