Australia Tax Office Rebate Scam

We have been receiving a lot of complaints, about a scam involving the Indian telemarketers, claiming to be from the Australia Tax Office. We feel Australian public, deserves to know about this scam, to help protect themselves, and their loved ones. You might not fall the scam, but you never know if your elderly parents, or those with disabilities may.

The scam works like this. The scammers call up, and say that Julia Gillard, or the ATO, has $X,XXX in tax or rebates. To claim the money, they insist you need to send them a few hundred via Western Union. The scammers have been known to make several followup calls, to check if the money has been sent. Once the money is sent, the scammers collect the money, and never send anything back, and ignore all incoming calls. Some of the scammers, have been claiming that the money is to be sent to UNICEF or other charities.

The bulk of our complaints have come from (02) 6108 4650, but we have also received complaints from (02) 6100 1822.

Scam victim
June 23, 2011

i am a recent victim of this ATO scam, called police and service providor, I would suggest all who are here and reading this to log time and date & report back to phone service providors for further investigation

June 16, 2011

My elderly parents were rung by this guy twice asking them to send money via Western Union.

June 15, 2011

got numerous calls from this guy claiming to be from the ATO trying to get money from western Union on some names, i am a victim, transferred the money already and end up with scam. Please do not beleave these guys’ its a fraud. In this way i may help other people to end up with scam

One of the scammers attempted to post up a false statement on our site. The false statement came from the “John” on the Indian IP, and claimed it was a non-profit organization.

Hi Guy’s
i received a call from this number yesterday regarding the tax rebate money i thought these people are fraud but what i come to know they are from financial account deppt ….and i lost $4600
they are from the tax deppt i already confirmed from tax deppt …..


There is a variation of this scam running, which claims to be a “bank refund”. The number being used for this alternate scam is (02) 8091 5007. We received this false statement from “Austin Jordon” from the Indian IP

its not like that i have received $10,000 by donating $2000 to a poor child
be a trust on our govt..

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52 Responses to Australia Tax Office Rebate Scam

  1. hannah says:

    indian telemarketers called me up claiming to be from the ATO and that i have been selected to receive $7000 if i send money first vis western union, i got her name which is unusual for an indian “Jenny Williams” and said her number was (03) 90169859, she was full of **** BE AWARE!!!!

  2. Preeti says:

    We received a call today (Saturday!!) claiming to be from ATO and giving one of the above no. to claim $7000. Being an Indian origin person,I feel extremely ashamed of these people who are spoiling the name of their country and its people.

  3. Amy Leiper says:

    Today I just received a call also using the number 6100 1822… Saying $7000 and asking for a donation to Unicef… They are also of indian origin… do not donate.. these scams are obviously working with some… Pass on the word…

  4. Pratima says:

    this happened to me today.
    i was told to donate $300 and then to fruther doante $700!!!
    please someone catch these guys. i just lost $300!!!!

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  6. Zeea says:

    I received the same call today. As soon as I heard the accent, I thought it was a scam but when he (Chris Bryan…with a Indian accent??) said he was from the Australian Taxation Office and wanted to give me seven grand for being a nice client!!….I KNEW it was a scam. I am a great grand mother on the aged pension and have NOT submitted a tax return for at least a decade. As this is the 6th time I have received calls like this, I just tell them to keep talking as the AFP are tracing this call because it is a known scam. They soon hang up but unfortunately they keep trying again and again. No..I have NOT been fooled but I do wish they would stop calling….any suggestions?

  7. NMRN says:

    I recieved a call today from the same people. His name was Peter with Indian accent. I was aware of this scam so I was patiently listening to the person who called me. He provided me a reference number and a call back number 07 3102 6092 to contact another person to get $7000. At last, I told him that I am aware of this scam and asked him why are you doing this cheap shameful business and cheating the innocent people. He told me that the call is being recorded and the Police will come in 10 to 15 mins to my house. i was laughing and replied him that I have already infomred the police and they are tracing your call. He hung up the phone.

  8. Joe says:

    I have receved the call from the same people. Operator of the nane Alex explained that i was chosen by ATO and I am eligable for $5900 tax rebate. He gave me a reference number and another number to call 0 6108 4650. Another operator Steven told me that I need to get Western Union forms from post office and call them back to receive the money. I called the police to report this scam.

  9. Gora Matku says:

    I just received the same phone call (21-Oct-2011) from operator 123 Alex with heavy Indian accent, explained that i was chosen by ATO and I am eligable for $5900 tax rebate. He gave me a reference number and another number to call 0 6108 4650, i called my accountant and he sent me to this page, unbelievable that no one is doing anything about this scam.

  10. vaishali patel says:

    Today around 4:15pm i got a private from ATO saying that govt.rebate has agreed to give me $10,000 as i’ve been very genuine to australia and there is no criminal nor civil crime nor family disputes in last 6 months or since i’m in australia..she was trying to convince me to go ahead..i new something is wrong y would govt.agree to give me..there r thousands of people who r in need.i asked her to give me a website which i can go and research or send me details on my email i.d..she said i can give u the of the call and code no.with which i can contact the supervisor of finance i thought let me check in scam website..where my doubt was clear..she is going to call me tomorrow…but i’m aware now..THIS IS A SCAM..donot get invovled in it..

  11. Bernice says:

    Received the call from 0291917425 saying I would get $6300 tax refund. Port Macquarie.
    Go the Western Unioun even knew where my nearest one was, but don’t tell them what I am doing or they would charge me more. They only asked me for $99 at this stage again Indian accent

  12. JodoXJ says:

    Just received this call now and was told I was chosen for $3200 ATO rebate/refund and given a ref number to call 02 6100 0404 ATO finance officer to verify my details and claim refund. When told I needed to do it immediately I became suspicious and so researched 1st and so got to this page.

    Sounded more like asian (Phillipino or other) and not indian accent.

    Just thought i’d share this.

  13. mylene says:

    Received a call from an Indian telemarketers named Alex, saying I would get $3200.42 tax refund from ATO. They gave me an application no then call this no 0261000404 and spoke to named Maichael. But I need to go to the Western Union first to donate a $150.00 to the country India. He told me to put under the name: Mr. Austin Gordan and the address is 24D Modal Town, Delhi, India. He also mentioned the name Jacklyn Amie. It’s not new to me, so i checked on the net about this scam. Giving you all the names and details they told me, so that everyone will be aware of this.

  14. Patrick says:

    Today i recieved this ridiculous call from an Indian Telemarketer claiming to owe me 7K. Unlucky for him he chose the wrong household where me , my father , my mother and my sisters and brothers all work for a Top 4 Bank In Australia and knew all about their little scams. Guys beware!, and make sure you inform your relatives and friends ( those who are not as bright as yourselves), about the dangers in disclosing personal details to these money hungry jerks.

  15. Akshat says:

    I received the same scam. As soon as they gave me a number saying Canberra’s number and it started with 02..i started abusing them saying that why the hell are you [email protected]##@ with everyone.. and they are like its genuine…hahah..couldnt’ stop laughing on them..he hung up.

  16. omid says:

    I got the same call today from 021000404. As I did not believe in what the guy said, ’cause it was obviously ridiculous, I just went online and found this page about the scam. Anyway, I ran off, you’d better be careful.:-)

  17. Ali says:

    I got the same call frm chris Bryan teling me dat i have been selected to get 10,000 Aus dollor in a student catargry. i askd him why you giving me money he said its a hidden scheme by don’t tell any body lolz and frm there i got him.Offcourse its a lie i also confirm from Taxation office they said its a spam.I wonder if the police do something to stop such stupid ppl?

  18. Ali says:

    Thanks for the page it helps me getting out of my confusion!

  19. Mitesh says:

    I just got a call from this guy “George Parker”, advised me that i have been selected to receive $7K from ATO. To claim this amount I have to call 02 6100 4364, and provide my Ref # A912. I was also told to repeat those numbers adn am not sure for what reasons. When I asked the person who he worked for, he said he did not understand the question! Another thing was their englisg was not good, so could be operating from outside of Australia.

  20. Pari says:

    I just got the call today about the same story as you guys, thai i will receive $3600.42 from ATO. I call “peter” who speak in indian accent, I told him that ill going to canberra in 2 weeks I can get the document over there, but I got an answer that they can’t hold the case that long…(very suspect)
    anyway I didn’t go to the post but I try to ring 0261084650 which he said that a Commonwealth bank in ACT I should speak with Mr. Austin gordon…but the number was switch off..that why I know what is going on…and I check the internet about this and I found all the story i need to know. Thank you guys and everyone be careful.. it can happen with everyone

  21. heidi says:

    Sus as. ATO always contact via the post, and send out a cheque. Family Tax enefits always have a letter and dump it into your bank. Plus, has any poli mentioned it? No. So a scam. Why don’t the government charge foreign calls before they can ring households? That’ll slowl them down.

  22. koliis says:

    hey guys, i got that same call, a lady saying she is calling from ato, i believed her coz she was sounding very genuine and had a sweet accent and her name was lisa and her operating id was 7101, but the moment i rang the no they gave, i spoke to some stupid fellow called peter, he was sounding pathethic n that made me suspicious…
    then i found about this scam… and i recieved call on jan 27…
    i just want to make aware that now they aplying some methods by taking of female telcaller… guys pls be carefull..

  23. Emon khondoker says:

    I got a call from Alex (with a strong indian accent) and same old same old “Julia Gillard is giving away tax rebate money $5900.42” & was asked to call 02 61004345 and gave a ref number.Informed the police right away. HAVE BEEN APPLYING FOR JOBS OVER THE INTERNET RECENTLY SO THAT IS WHERE THEY CAN GET MY NUMBER AND NAME FROM.Thanks.

  24. Eileen says:

    just got a phone call from and Indian accent lady saying she’s from the ATO saying im getting a rebate of $6400 also gave phone number for me to ring 0261003584 and ref number.Knew it was a scam straight away.decided to have a look at the ato website to see if there had been a scam sure enough big fat care people

  25. Priya says:

    Just received a similar call. Said hez speaking from AU Taxation office, Canberra.
    SAid Julia Gillard is giving tax rebate & I can get $6400 back. Just need to call 0261003584. Provided a application file number..I could smell it, hence looked up online immediately..

  26. Cams says:

    Yup got phone call bout 5 mins ago saying 3200.42 gave me a ph number 0261000420 and a app number at5468, told to ring to confirm so funds can be sent, I straight away googled scam sure enough.

  27. sue ilijas says:

    Yes, I also got the same scam and were asked to ring 0261000420.I also googled scan and sure enough, as well.

  28. nina says:

    got a recorded message left on my phone its in an american accent claiming to be an australian taxation recording claiming i had $700 in rebates and i need to call (02)80149869 to verify my details in order to receive my rebate. i guess they are trying to throw us off by changing from the indian accent.didnt work with me though.

  29. Michael says:

    The scam artists offering a tax refund have a new phone # 0280149873 and now operate from 2 Lang st, Sydney. Told them I will report them and they can go to gaol. They hung up quickly.

  30. Wally Wolfe says:

    Just received a call from indian speaking person claiming to be from ATO, as I had been of good charcater and paid all of my government accounts on time was eligible for $7000.00 rebate, just phone their accounts department on 0390056224,quote reference A329 and they would assist with my payment. I bet!!!

  31. Carol Mayne says:

    Hi their I got a phonecall last Thursday and this bloke said his name was Michael Smith, and he was from Canberra Taxation Office and that they owe me money and want me to send a Western Union form to claim the money,

  32. Ram says:

    We also received a call from a lady with name Sharon claiming to be from ATO saying that we are of good charcater and have paid all of my government dues in time & are eligible award of $7000.00, only need to call their accounts department on 0390056224,quote reference A840 and they would process the payment. It’s getting too much why is not the govt taking some action on such scammers!!!

  33. bhavin patel says:

    We also had a call from Sharon claiming we r the one who should get $7000. contact 03 90056224 and quote reference a840 to speak to the ATO officer. Initially i thought, is this the best way to spend public money for the Julia Government..

  34. Jagat says:

    this morning i was at home and recieved the call that the gov. is granting $7000.00 to few of the australian resident and the guy asked me to send $250 to the UNICEF through western union money transfer.While I was talking my freind the the detail about the number that scammer and find out about the ATO scam and asked the guy should we report to police even though he was talking in a very confident way so this is a alert message to every one be careful plz..

  35. brij says:

    It’s the most hilarious thing I have heard today. A guy by the name of Michale Adams with Indian accent says he is calling from the ATO office and they have decided to give me $7,000 for being good…I couldn’t stop laughing…ATO to handing out grants!!!! I can’t imagine why people fall for this..


    I received call today (19/9/2012) at 11:56 AM from a Chiese girl name is Michelle. She told her employee I.D is 73598. She told me I am the luickiest guy who is receiving $7,000/- from govt. I asked her everything like about repayment of money, any hidden charges. She told me I don’t need to pay back this money. She told me she is calling from ATO, melbourne and asked me to contact one of her sr. officer at 03 9005 6224.

  37. shally says:

    Hi All,

    Even i got this same call at 1:30 PM. They said that you have been chosen for the $7000 Grant from ATO. And to Get that money please call on this number 0390056224 to our sr officer. i was sure abt that it is scam coz i had read this long back on internet. I told them to send me these all information via mail. They replied saying that they are not authorized to do that. I laughed and cut their phone.

  38. Sue says:

    Got a call today about “Julia Gillard’s last 5 year reimbursement scheme” and was given a ref number and told to call 02 91919703 to claim my reimbursement of $7600. I was suspicious because the caller used my previous name -not my married name which is now registered with the ATO.

  39. Fateley says:

    I got a call on friday the 28th of September and it was an Indian sounding woman, and she said she worked for a company who worked on the behalf of the australian government to see if I was eligable for a mortgage rebate. And because of circumstances this year I did not jell that she was not legit. She asked for information on whos name was on the title of my property, if anyone elses name was on it, and when we had originally bought it, what value it was worth and my age brackett etc she actually was a little rude and wanted to drop the conversation quickly after silly ol me had given her all of this info she wanted and said in a rushed manner ok I will get back to you if you are eligable. Later I thought wow I think I have been scammed and she has all my id etc and can do what ever with the info.. so i rang the police and told them all the details of the call and the time it came in which was around 5.30 – 5.38pm and this now I think about it was weird.. so I also emailed the fraud website of the au govt and the titles office and the land transfers office . Like others here i have been applying for jobs recently and also the reverse phone lookups for australia give them all our numbers and our names and our addresses etc and details of the property owners up to ten past purchases and sales and owners nice one don’t you like websites like this making scams so easy for us.. well if my id is used in any way or my property used etc i wil look at sueing at least two sites that have my detais and my property details listed online.. this is bullshit I have never given permission for them.. Now the fact that i have no mortgage and she still wanted those details and oh yes what my job was and if I worked etc.. she did not ask for money but I feel this to be a variation of all the rest so please be aware… I dont want people using my id and raising loans or opening accounts in my name..

  40. Bob Santamaria says:

    My sister in law got a call from these tards yesterday.

    Wish there was some obvious way of making their lives difficult – do any obvious scam baiting tricks work? I suppose wasting their time would be a good start.

  41. Sariita says:

    I received a voicemail at the end of last week. Today, I returned the call on the number that was left on the message. Same story as everyone else; apparently I was eliable for a $7,200.00 rebate. The Asian sounding man kept on calling me “Dear” – very unusual for the ATO Canberra to refer to anyone as Dear I thought. Anyhow, figuring it was a scam, I went along with the caller until it got to the point of asking to spell my full name. I launched into a barrage of Asian swearing, letting the caller know that I worked for the Police and that his call was being traced. After a short swear word back from the caller he promptly hung up.

  42. Al says:

    As above, but the bank has overcharged me $600, told to obtain Western Union form from the PO and also told not to mention any details to PO staff. Person was called Baul on 0280916577.
    Al from Bendigo.

  43. Marco says:

    Seems they have tried again saying its a Tax refund for Bank Changes $5,000 to get back. They gave me a refernce # and a phone number. I rang teh number back and tehn they started saying I needed to pay $299 for lawyer fees. They said they sent a letter a few weeks back but of course I never received it. So I asked them to resend the government letter with its letter head with a invoice for the lawyer. Number was this time 0280037387

  44. anna says:

    at 2.00 pm today I received a call from Robin Davies claiming to be from ATO CANBERRA REINBURSEMENT DEPARTMENT he asked for my husband (which was not home) saying that he needs to collect $7, 600 because he has always paid taxes on time and his entitled to a refund. I called my husband he called back on 0261403468 and he told my husband he had to go to post office and get a WESTERN UNION FORM my husband was at a po at the time and did so “ROBIN DAVIES” called back and was surprised he was already there he asked my husband to deposit $300 before he gets the $7, 6000. We knew it was a scam as I did some investigation before he contactef myhusband second time.

  45. Nick says:

    Recieved a call from a John Adam [with a heavy Indian accent] wanting to let me know the banks have been ripping me off and that I am entitled to a refund of $4288. First however I had to go to Post Office and wait for a call to fill in paperwork to send money overseas and that I had to first pay $299. This is obviously a scam as the Government would just send a cheque in the first place without having to send it overseas. I became suspicious and gave no credit card or bank account details, especially to the girl who rang first and couldn’t spell Adelaide. Obviously from overseas.

  46. Tracey says:

    got a phone call from these guys today,12/8/13, stating that the ATO wanted to refund me $7000 and all i had to do to receive it was to do a Western Union transfer for a donation of $250. Was given 0261004045 to ring once i had done this, was told to quote NL7Q5 and i would be then given the security pin to be able to claim my $7000 from my bank !!!!! Wanted my mobile number so that they could ring me back, gave them a fake one !!!!!!

  47. Al says:

    Mother got a call from a man claiming to be called James telling her she could get a refund from the ATO of $7000 to get a western union form and that it was confidential and they would call back. Also provided number 02 61004336 as the number for the ATO.

  48. Ayesha says:

    Received a call from a “Michael Adam” with a very heavy Indian accent who kept calling me dear. He said I have been chosen by the ATO to receive an appreciation grant of $7000. The number he told me to call is 02 61003045. He gave me a reference number which I was to quote to the the Accounts Department of ATO Canberra. yeah right appreciation grant!

  49. Frank says:

    I always answer my phone by saying, “Australian Federal Police”.
    Wonder why I get so many hangups?

  50. Andrew says:

    They have changed tact saying you have been referred to the fraud department and you now owe XXX amount of dollares.

  51. Mary Evans says:

    Phone call left on answering machine threating all sorts of things regarding Tax underpaid. Phone Number was 02 8317 3340
    Dated 09/11/2015 call made @ 10.45am

  52. Lisa says:

    phone call left on answering machine today saying that a warrant was out for my arrest due to tax evasion, my taxes are always up to date. Told me to ring back on 02 6145 2344 and ask for Jason O’Connor, had a very heavy Indian accent.

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