Australian Residential Database February 2015 Update

We have just finished a major residential database update for February 2015, bringing our last update of the year. As always, this also represents a significant update to existing numbers. Here is what the latest update brings:

  • 64,534 new phone numbers
  • 18,276 new mobile numbers
  • 2,723,753 total mobile numbers
  • 16,144,816 total phone numbers

Happy reverse searching everyone!

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3 Responses to Australian Residential Database February 2015 Update

  1. Diane Eaves says:

    we have sent numerous emails about an on-going police investigation Case No: 220243595 with the NSW Police, this stalking is using your site to attack her victim (me) and the business I am employed by to slander it also the number on your site is 0247224722 this matter has been escalated by the Police unit and the Dectective in charge is wanting to speak with anyone at reverse australia to assist with the IP addresses of the person posting the comments, if you read the comments under this number I’m sure you will realise they are morally wrong, obscene and disgusting and have nothing to do with the business itself. I ask that you cease any further comments on this number and no longer allow this STALKER an avenue to continue there harrassment, obscene sexual references, abuse or defamation of myself and my employer. I eagerly await your reply in this extremely serious matter.
    Diane Eaves

  2. Slobodan says:

    this number 03 5821 0932 has been recording my phone call conversations an calling me back. when I try to call this number it says, the number you call has been disconected

  3. Frankie says:

    Thanks for sharing these latest updates and the information can really help people who need to determine unknown calls.

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