Indian ‘Microsoft’ Telemarketing Scam

One of the things we do at Reverse Australia is to allow consumers to post comments and complaints about calls they receive. As soon as this feature was added, we started to receive a lot of complaints about so called ‘Windows Technical Support’ teams that are calling, trying to gain access to peoples computers remotely, and then requesting up to $400 to ‘fix’ the problems.

Sadly, for the not-so tech savvy people out there, this scam can seem legitimate, and they hand over their credit card to have the problem resolved. Due to the permission given by the scammed, it is also difficult to prosecute, not to mention the scam is being carried out from India.

One of the common scam numbers we have reported isΒ (02) 5718 8083 however, today we received this (clearly) fake comment:

I just receive a call from Ryan Astle and advising that he is from the Technical Support Provider Team for the Windows Operating System.He then ask me that am i facing some problems on my computer? Then I tell you that yes i am facing some problems on my computer. After Rayan Astle help me and solve my computers problems. After solving, my computer is very fine and good running as well as new computer. Rayan is a good person for help of your computer problem solve. Any body dont talk rayan astle is a scam. Rayan astle is not a scam. His team is not a scam. This is a good team technical support provider of windows operating system.Right now,I am very satisfied for your help on my computer. Thanks Rayan. I am very very happy. I love you to. Thanks & regards. Your Friend – Sheela.

The scammer/commenter posted from an Indian IP ( There are plenty of videos people have recorded about this scam, here is one we found.

Here are the current spam numbers we have received complaints about:

(03) 8807 0958
(08) 7200 0365
(02) 9191 6553
(02) 8014 7449
(02) 9037 2483
(02) 8014 7593
(02) 5411 2194
(08) 7200 1644
(02) 8006 2085
(03) 9988 6362
(03) 9018 2431
(03) 9016 3432
(02) 8003 5916
(02) 8005 1832
(02) 8003 5397

Thankfully our service has been able to save the occasional Aussie from making the mistake of being fooled by these scammers.

Had a call from a man with an Indian accent from a company that was a partner of Microsoft apparently. He told me to go to my Event Viewer on my Windows computer, and showed me there were Errors. But at this time, my phone started screwing up and he told me to ring this number instead, which I’m definitely not ringing after reading the complaint above.

Update: 2011/05/21 We’ve had an Indian attempt to justify his actions in our blog comments. His post came from [email protected] IP The IP is located in Mumbai, India. This guy seems to honestly believe he is doing people a service by scamming them…

I UNDERSTAND telemarketers calls up and says Blah Blah thing to get access of the Computer by showing Eventvwr and etc.

But At the end of the day , Eventvwr does show Errors generated by Windows.

Not only that , Customers are always happy when they see that their PC is running much More Faster than Before.

I DO understand there are few companies who are into SCAM but there are also few who do their work very genuinely and Honestly.

Update: 2011/06/25 Received this scam comment, also from an Indian IP ( regarding the phone (02) 8005 1494

I am glad with my supportable company named techsupportkol because i don’t have to worry about my computer. They providing services to my 2 computer evry 20 or 30 day.

Thanks to techsupportkol

Update: 2011/07/27 Received this scam comment, another Indian IP ( on the phone number (02) 8006 0878. It’s hard to believe they are still going strong.

its a nice company i thought in the begining that it is also the same as like the other scam companies but no….its really microsoft certified……their microsoft registration no. is ms20875512

Update: 2011/08/01 Received yet another scam comment from an Indian from IP ( in regards to (02) 8005 0456.

nothing wil happen with your card details. paypal is a secured site. dont worry

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173 Responses to Indian ‘Microsoft’ Telemarketing Scam

  1. Brian wilson says:

    Just had the Microsoft Scam Call, again, this time she gave the phone number as she thought I was going to call back to continue. i then told her I was going to call ACCC and she hung up.
    Add this number to your list of Scammers, 0399886362

    • Reverse James says:

      Thanks Brian! I’ve updated the post, and added your comment to the listing.

      • Mike says:

        They called me 7 times last month in one day ,finally lol I asked the guy if I could ask him a question he said *yes sir* I said : would it be all right if I could put my balls on his face*silence on his end* then he pass me to his supervisor that spoke better English .so I asked the same question lol he hung calls for the last month

        • Peter says:

          My favorite response (which I have used several times) is “does you mother know what you do for a living?”

  2. neutrino says:

    Hilarious video you have there. I had pretty much exactly the same experience, word for word for most of it. They called me up (here in Brisbane) about 5 days ago. The female Indian first, then handing me over to her ‘technical supervisor’, etc.

    The male Indian referred me, though, to their web site – It’s a web site that looks quite professional. He guided me to click on the flag of my country and then on the ‘Live Support’ link on the top left of the page … which is a hyperlink to the same logmein site that’s used in this video. Much more convincing to go via their official-looking site than advising the poor sod to google for ‘log me in’.

    I actually typed in the six-number code but then when Windows started asking me about relaxing firewall rules and allowing an external party to have complete access to my PC I pulled the plug.

    Reprehensible how they get the rube to run eventvwr.exe to list all of the innocuous ‘errors’ and ‘warnings’ which accumulate during the normal running of Windows and act as if they are DANGEROUS VIRUSES!! Also how desperate they are that the customer DOES NOT CLICK on the event messages (because if one does (a) one will see that the word ‘virus’ isn’t mentioned anywhere, and (b) there’s a link to the Microsoft support site, I think).

    ‘Tech For Help’ – avoid at all costs!

  3. Rob says:

    same scam another ph no. 02800 35397

  4. Dave says:

    Been getting the calls over the last two years, but the frequency has picked up quite alarmingly last couple of months. Depending what mood I’m in, I’ll either tell them I have a Mac (quick hang up) or I’ll sit and string them along (infuriate them) – “The Start button, where is that?”. They get excited when they get me to download the remote access agent, wish they could see me sitting on the verandah with a beer, no PC within 30 metres! But upsets me that they must be scoring a few, rotten mongrels and hope their IT systems get infested with the viruses of one thousand dodgy computers.

    • Andrew says:

      I had one of ‘the calls’ last week, so I strung the bloke along for a bit, asking him to tell me what sort of operating system I was having trouble with. Finally he told me that it could be any of Windows XP, Vista or 7. I enjoyed telling him that it was very interesting, as I don’t have any of them, but a Mac.
      Yes, I got the quick hang-up, too

      • Agnes says:

        Lol! I did the same, strung them along … Then told them I don’t actually have a computer. My neighbour claims she could hear the guys swearing. Another time, I claimed I worked for the federal police and was recording this call…quick hang up there too.

  5. Stephen Adams says:

    I had another call from these people- probably the 4th of it’s kind and spoke to them for a while. Exactly the scenario as described and they gave me 2 different numbers to try and assure me they are legit.
    the numbers were 02 60061800
    and 02 80051832.
    Add them to the list. Thanks for reassuring me I’m doing the right thing in telling them to get nicked

  6. alex says:

    Add to this list! Similar effects, eventvwr as viruses etc.
    0399253950 and 0399883950

  7. Grant says:

    I just had the Microsoft scam phone call at home. The caller ID on the phone showed as “Overseas”. The Indian woman asked if I had a computer. When I answered “No”, she said “Liar” and hung up in my ear. Obviously that wasn’t the answer she was looking for, however it was certainly the quickest call. I am registered with “Do not call” so I don’t know why they are calling.

  8. declan says:

    i called back on the number they gave me, requested to talk to the person i was speaking to
    eventually got onto him, and i said “hey man, how do i make sure you guys dont scam anyone else?”
    telephone guy: “you can go fuck yourself” *beep beep beep* ahh lol

  9. anon says:

    pcserviceq scam

  10. Sandra says:

    A few nights ago I think I was conned by a company with Indian speaking operators calling the4mselves GTech Support Melbourne. I gave them $329 on my credit card for a lifetime cover, and access to my computer to “Fix” the slowness etc. When I didn’t receive a tax invoice from them, I rang the number 03 99883950 and if rang until it disconnected. I feel sick in the stomach.

    • Reverse James says:

      Hi Sandra, I’m sorry to hear about what happened. I strongly suggest you contact your card issuer immediately, and inform them that you do not authorize the charges to your card.

    • Pat Ferguson says:

      Hi Sandra. I got the ‘phone call’ yesterday 10/5/11, I kept querying them, and spoke to 3 people, but everytime they had an answer. And were very ‘forceful’. I ended up giving them personal info and access to my computer, and later they offered me their ‘products’. I didn’t buy, but said to call back in a couple of days. Haven’t heard from them today. Even though I didn’t buy, I’m scared of the info. and computer access I gave them. I don’t know what to do. P.

  11. Charles Arthur says:

    Hi – I’m technology editor on The Guardian, and wrote about this windows support scam in July 2010.

    Since then I’ve learnt that they will also try to “sell” you Windows upgrades: the licence key is invalid. (If you were sold one, please forward it to me – [email protected] : I can get Microsoft to tell me where it was issued.)

    Please tell friends about this – for once it’s a real warning – and note also that they try to get you to pay with your debit card because you can’t charge it back. ALWAYS pay on your credit card – those you can reverse, and it hurts them where it matters.

    Get in touch if you’ve been affected. I’m still investigating this story.

    • Tanya says:

      Hi Charles,

      Currently they are very active on the Sunshine Coast and have been since May 2011.

      I have received 2 calls from “Microsoft Tech Support’ in this time, plus an additional call claiming to be from my bank (same MO that leads to wanting remote access to the computer – except this time it is overcharged interest and insufficient fund fees that have occurred over the last 10-20 years vs viruses). It worries me that they may be moving the scam to the banking sector, and had the correct information on which bank my accounts are held at. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen?

      While I have not been convinced by the Microsoft scam, my less tech-savvy friend was tonight ($400), hence why I have sought out any new information.

    • Claire says:

      I live in Brisbane and have received 4 calls from them today. The first few times I questioned them about my operating system, what computer I used etc. and they hung up. During my last conversation with them, the Indian sounding gentleman became very irate, swore at me and said I was ‘ a very nasty person’ before hanging up…. Oh I hope they call again, if they do I will waste their time for as long as possible before telling them I have a mac!!

      • KB says:

        I live in Stockholm. The last two weeks we’ve received almost daily calls from this scam…so annoying. I usually just hang up. Maybe I need to try your strategy.

      • Christine says:

        I’m in Brisbane too and have received at least 4 calls in the past fortnight (one in the past 15 minutes). I don’t have the patience to go through the whole conversation to try to get their number. I just keep telling them I know it’s a scam and to stop calling me and hang up. Clearly my methods aren’t working! I just wish I knew who had sold them my details so I could contact them.

  12. DOCH says:

    Kudos to good to see others taking an active role in trying to curb the onslaught of rogue Indian telemarketers and scammers preying on aussies.

    Although I’ve not been hit, I was get hammered practically every day by Indian & Pakistan marketers contacting me via my business site. Fortunately I’ve now blocked out all of India and Pakistan…

    What I don’t understand is how do the offshore scammers obtain Australian phone numbers?

    Thanks for sending me the email notice about this ReverseAustralia, much appreciated.

  13. One unique feature of this scam is that they appear to be using other call centres to pre-qualify suckers for the scam. Once they go through the basic script which is intended to show that your computer has problems, you will get handed off to someone else and they do the hard sale. There are counter scripts around the net so you can keep the 1st person on the phone without touching your computer until they hand you off to the second groups which is when the 1st group gets paid. I suspect the initial call centre won’t get paid until they have a qualified lead so you can cause issues between the two groups by playing along until you get to the second tier scammers.

  14. Iain says:

    I had these creeps call me twice so far, first time i just flat out asked them what they realy wanted as there were no faults on my systems, they hung up immediately.

    The second time I decided to play with them a little, asked them which computer the Linux one or the FreeBSD one, they had no idea what I was talking about so I lauhed at them then hung up.

  15. Allan says:

    We’ve had about 8 calls in the last 3 months from these scum. (And who knows how many more over the last 1-2 years.) My wife usually answers the phone, but doesn’t understand computers, so she hands the phone to me.

    They are obviously of EXTREMELY LOW INTELLIGENCE. Because although we abuse them every time, give it a couple of weeks and they call again like nothing happened. Or maybe it’s because we are listed under “b”, and it’s new scum every few weeks starting from the beginning of the phone book again.

    Anyway, they last called about 2 days ago. My wife is now starting to cotton on though. So she told them she didn’t have a computer (which she doesn’t – I do). But the “woman” on the other end ignored that kept trying. My wife said, “Look, I’ll put you on to my husband…”

    When I realised who it was (again!?), I got fed up and yelled into the phone, “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Why don’t you get a real job so you can take some pride in how you earn money, instead stealing it from other people like the dirty thief you are?”

    The ugly, illiterate, unshowered woofer handed the phone to her pimp. So I repeated it for him.

    He paused several seconds and then hung up. You think they got the message this time?

    If not, I think next time I’ll pretend she’s a phone sex line and get *real graphic* (if you get my meaning). Either that or research their predominant religion until I find something thoroughly anathema. (Even if they don’t follow religion now, you can bet it was drummed into them. So a bit of offensive blasphemy will ruin their day.)

    Like someone else said here in the forums, you try hard not to seem racist, but gee… The Indian students that door-knock for Integral Energy are just as bad. They blatantly lie to your face. Last week one came to our door and before he started his spiel I immediately said, “I do NOT want to switch energy companies.” He then 100% lied and said, “I’m not here to get you to change energy companies today sir. Our records show you’ve been paying too much for your energy. Do you have a recent bill so I can fill out your details so you can receive your discount.” I said, “Where are you from?” He said, “Integral.” I then had to say, “NO. I’m NOT interested.” about 25 times before he finally gave up and left.

    I refuse to even discuss anything with phone or door sales reps anymore. Even if I am interested I’ll get rid of them and look it up later.

    • Brian Wardlaw says:

      Alan, my experience is very much like yours. I have now received TEN calls from the scammers. I have tried to nicely ask them not to call, they abuse me as they are offering “a free support service”. I have even degraded myself to initiate phone sex with both men and women, and thankfully the caller hangs up.

      They don’t seem to get the message that I cannot and willnot be scammed. I have a very ill, possibly dying family member and have been waiting by the phone. Yes you guessed it, the scammers called again. I would change my phone number and make it silent, but I would loose my ADSL connection.

      Door to door electricity sales peddlers.
      In the past 2 months I have had 5 electricity companies at my door, and all peddling LIES. I also had Integral energy, and he said EXACTLY the same as he did to you. Word for word. I said to him “It must be so hard to make your commissions that you are forced to lie straight to the customers face”. I then told him I was calling Integral and report his ID number, which I did after slamming the door.

      Several years ago I used to verify door to door sales calls for Origin Energy (and Telstra), and had a good eye for picking up when customers were being lied to. I worked at home for the company, and took the calls from my office by logging into their remote server. One night the D2D were in my neighbourhood and after finishing a call my wife let me know they were at our door.

      He went on to say that I was missing out on a 17% rebate on my electricity, and that he will insure that I will get it without changing providers etc etc dribble dribble…

      Well I told him “I work for Salmat and I verify YOUR sales calls. For attempting to mislead me, you are in breach of the Trade Practices Act, and I will be reporting you.” Well he went running down the road.

      I now have a DO NOT KNOCK sign on my house and pity help any sales people who ever knocks.

      • Allan says:

        Heh, Brian – yes, I used to have a sign on the door too. It had funny points on it, saying we didn’t want to buy or switch this or that, and a picture of a salesmen running away.

        I put it up because I worked from home for a time, fixing TVs and VCRs. They were interrupting me all the time. At the end of the page it said, “Be aware I work from home and make $55 per hour. If you are selling something and still determined to knock, you agree to be billed at the rate of $55 per hour for my time.

        It worked for a couple of weeks. No knocks. Then one guy read the lot, knocked on the door (I could see him through a glass panel), and told me how funny it was. Then said don’t worry, he wasn’t there to sell me anything – then tried to sell me something.

        So I gave up. Now if we see them coming, we just shut the door and don’t answer. If the door is already closed, we wait until they walk away so we can see through the window who it is, and call them back if it’s someone we know.


      • Bec says:

        I was at work one day when my husband got a door-to-door electricity salesperson. I can’t remember who it was now. They brought out an iPad to show him that he has been paying far too much with AGL, and that if he brings them a bill, they can show him just how much he can save by switching to them.

        He asked if they could leave some information, and he’d discuss it with me when I got home. They told him that he had to sign up in the next ten minutes to qualify for the free digital camera (which, during the course of the conversation had switched from a Sony to an Olympus to a something else). He said he was sorry, but he couldn’t make that decision without discussing it with me, and could they please leave.

        There were several problems with their argument. One, we’re not with AGL. Two, the electricity account is in my name, not my husband’s, so he couldn’t authorise any changes, even if he wanted to. Three, if they really had any information relating to our accounts, they would have known all this without needing to see our bill. And four, the iPad with the “proof” wasn’t even turned on!

  16. Joe says:

    We received a call on Saturday night add this number 02 80054829.
    I had some fun with them myself calling back all night long Saturday abusing the crap out of them

  17. Antony says:

    I get these all the time, now I just say ‘but I’ve got an Apple’ after a bit of silence they hung up.

  18. Bill says:

    I’m a self employed computer tech and my primary computer is a Mac. I’ve had maybe 3 or 4 of these calls personally which is half bemusing (given my profession) and half annoying as h**l. Had quite a few clients fall victim.

    The Indians have a national Do Not Call register (for Indians) so they know of the concept. I just firmly say, “No thanks and can you please put me on your Do Not Call register?”

    I think this (and other Indian cold call scams) is a big enough problem that international government pressure should be put on the Indians to clean up this shoddy industry. Seems any Indian call centre that is not doing legitimate support work does this on the side.

  19. Terry says:

    Same scam another phone no is 03 9010 5408 a legitimate number in VIC.

  20. Simmo says:

    I get these on a regular basis, but they always have CLI switched off for some reason so I never get the numbers. I thought they were ringing from abroad because CLI was off.

    I usually have some sport with them – childish, I know, but it does make me angry that they could get away with scamming big money out of less tech-savvy people.

    Are they based in Australia or just using Australian numbers? I might feel a small vestige of sympathy if they’re ringing from some shed near Mumbai, but if they’re based in Brisbane they can f*** right off.

  21. Irene says:

    At least you got a number. My nuisance calls are listed as overseas….. and the lovely indian man is not above obscenities either!!

  22. John says:

    Got called today by a man of Indian background, did all the checks showing scary files and warnings. He then directed me to a website where I could register and pay the money, I said that I would think about it. He then gave me (02)80035566, so watch out for this one. A very convincing person.

  23. Greg says:

    I have been called once a week for the last few months from these guys. Now they come in with a blocked #. The blocked # called me 3 times today, the first time was 5:45am. I finally answered it this evening and it was them again. The script was verbatim to what was posted above.

  24. Mike says:

    I live in New Zealand, and I just got the same call today.

  25. Kerry says:

    I got a call today and have had them in the past too. I asked which one of my computers has the infection and they didnt now what to say. Today I asked for a number to ring back on after I do some checking. The number they gave me was 0280057201

  26. John says:

    Ive had it with this. There is an over supply of telemarketing firms in india, and the industry has effectively failed because of the impersonal, rude and ‘foreign’ nature of the callers. I especially loved the trying to be a western person lies. Anyway western firms are ditching this s**t and now these indian firms are doing anything to survive. it sickens me.
    Maybe a bit off topic, but still relevant to these computer pranks.

    I suggest…Sound interested, tell them to hold on a second then blast the s**t out of an air horn to the mouth piece of your telephone. For added effect, use your hand to funnel as much of the sound into the mouthpiece as possible. Surely india has workplace injury cover…right?

  27. markjuliansmith says:

    Just had the same thing – phone number 0399883950 – – claimed I had an infected computer and as my warranty had run out on my PC I needed to have Microsoft services to clean it up – told them to f*** O**

    Quite convincing had me going – asked me to go through my system report lists – of course there were errors and warnings anyway and claimed these proof that the PC was infected.

    Then got me to go to the site above to convince me they were OK – it was strange it was not an actual Microsoft site.

    Asked about what they were looking for in errors and they did not respond.

    Then got me to type in it required a six digit number. They asked me how old the PC was – this should have been a give away as it has nothing to do with the Microsoft software – and said I needed to get a new six digit warranty number for 24 hour protection from Microsoft.

    CON thought they had somehow infected my PC told them to go away – they tried to call me back did not answer.

    They were good – they had the Microsoft – run around down pat.

  28. Mark says:

    Wow, as soon as I heard the indian and asking about a PC and windows OS Iknew it was a scam. I also said I have a MAc and got the quick hang up. Next time I will have some fun with them though.

  29. Jim Star says:

    Called me on my landline.
    They tried to get me to give them remote access to my PC. I said I was no where near it. But I was near a friends but he was running Linux. THEY HUNG UP??? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Zero service!!!Oh well. When they asked for my mobile number I said I don’t know the number. Xqze me? you don’t have a mobile, Chistine asked.? Yes I have a mobile number but I don’t know what it is. ……
    Not in teh script folks. I heard the Mama San in the back ground cheering on the troops “Don’t give out the phone number”. I got their address etc no more than what is on their website and googled the address they gave over the phone. Turns out it’s a TV repair joint in little India Sydney. Had a chat to the owner who claimed to be Persian. Which is what Iranian’s say if they loved the Shah. He said he was going to report it. I already did. AFP? phhht! Nup this is a case for the gumshoes at the ACCC. Nobody expects the ACCC!!! Well gum yes Jodie Rich etc etc …no I expect after a period of 6 years buried in soft peat and some Vogon Poetry the mollases crew will claim a victory over a bunch of 3rd generation fraudsters in Burkina faso.


    Don’t expect any help from the so called authorities.

  30. judi lindsay says:

    Just got a call from 03 9010 5652 – same deal Windows Support/Indian caller. Called number back and an Indian guy said it was not connected with Microsoft but did support for Windows. I hung up. Please add number to your lise.

  31. Thom says:

    I run exclusively Debian Linux and OBSD in my household, so it was interesting to get a phone call regarding problems with my Windows PC. I played dumb with them long enough to get details about their company (address, direct phone number, business registration number) – but it’s no surprise the information was entirely false.

    The worst thing is people will be scammed because they simply aren’t educated on these matters, and there’s not a lot we can do about the callers if they’re outside our borders :\

  32. Dallas says:

    I have had 4 calls this week from ‘microsoft support” I even said to one one day that I don’t use microsoft as I have a mac, she apologised and asked it the number she dialed was mine (1 digit different)I said no and she hung up and a ‘supervisor’ rang back saying they are looking at the internet connection of all computers, microsoft and mac. I said I know it is a fake and hung up. They rang back again this morning and my husband asked for details. The man with the indian accent said his name was “Frank” and the contact number given was 0280057201.

  33. Jess says:

    Another one to watch out for…. we have Caller ID and normally they show up as “overseas private”. Yesterday and today, however (yes, they call almost every day, and if I answer and hang up without speaking they call RIGHT back……) they’re using a number that comes up on display as “Overseas 91792″……something to keep in mind.

  34. Margaret says:

    Just got several calls this evening around
    5 pm from Indian people who said they were calling from their UK office, but they also had offices in Ireland, Australia, the UK and the US. On enquiring as to how they got my phone number and how were they able to know that I did have so many problems with my computer, the lady who said her name was Jennifer Watson (after I insisted that she tell me her name) told me that they had got my telephone number from the Microsoft International routing system and my computer was about to crash if I didn’t agree to them attending to it by remote control. She then directed me to their website, and also gave me a Sydney telephone number, 02 9037 2906, and told me to speak to either Nick, David or Richard who would be able to verify that their Company was an authentic one! They wanted me to pay them AUD 320 for lifetime support, which would also include a genuine Microsoft license and a new 32-bit RAM, and asked me to pay for their service through an International Money transfer which I attempted to access through NetBank but wasn’t able to, until I phoned the Commonwealth Bank and they advised me to shut down my computer and not answer any more of their calls as they said it was definitely a scam. On 28 April 2011, I was duped of $134.95 which I paid by Credit Card to a Company called RJInfoSolutions. This guy said his name was Mark Robin and I have only now realised that it was the same guy who had earlier duped me of $369.36 which I had also paid by Credit Card and he said their website address was they were situated at 91 Westpac House, King William Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, and their telephone number was 08 7200 0365.
    I hope that, by posting my past and more recent experiences through this website, many people will escape becoming victims of these scammers, whom I innocently, but, nevertheless, foolishly trusted not once but twice, but now no more!

    • Judy Newland says:

      l also was dubed by a company named RJinfosolutions of $134.95 on the 29th June
      same sanario as Margaret The phone no l was given was 08 81200580 An indian lady.
      Again tonight 31/11/2011 another indian name Alvin Johnston mmmmmmmm same sanario about the computor warnings and going to shut down anytime and l have to do it now, didnt want me to ring back after l got the no 02 80060187 These duds got me to open Ammyy admin it seems to be a multi-task remote software control, computor sharing mmmmmmmmmm l stopped there. Hope this can help others Judy

  35. Kelly says:

    Had someone ring and say that someone was trying to hack into my computer. Said his name was Rodger Horton and he worked for “My Windows Support” He said the phone number was 03 9010 5652. Address 8 Technology Rd South Bank Vic.

  36. Nancy says:

    Friday, July 22, 2011: A female person called my home and spoke to a family member and convinced them that they could make an old computer (8 yrs) work like brand new by allowing them to download a Service Package but required a credit card payment of $110.00 for 1 year of service, as she could not receive payment with their bank convenience card. They said they were calling from Tech Savvy International Ltd. Saturday, July 23, 2011: A man, with a heavy East Indian accent, called and told me that my computer was being infected with viruses and asked me to turn my computer on. I asked for the name of the company that he worked for and he said “Tech Savvy International”. Please add this name to the list of scam phone solicitors.

  37. Tony says:

    ‘Blueteam Support’ rang me from Windows yesterday with the same false story, they directed me to to try and gain access to my PC. Had them on the line for 25 minutes whilst my PC ‘ran slowly and crashed a couple of times’ then said I had to go out. Can’t wait until they ring me back on Friday to have another go!

  38. Lucy says:

    Just got a call from an Indian male saying he was from “Windows Support”, it was pretty obvious he was dodgy as I’m on the Do Not Call list so first thing I do when someone calls who I don’t know is remind them that it’s illegal and they could be fined. He tried to persist, insisting it was a maintenance call, that my computer had had a lot of Windows errors. I asked for details of what company he was calling from – Microsoft?- and he said no, his company name is “Windows Support” I asked for his company’s registration number and he gave me a number that was too short, obviously incorrect, and when I asked him to repeat it back again to me he said a different number (I think he was making it up as he went) – I could also hear other people in the background who must have been listening to his phone call because when he got hesitant they were telling him what to say (basically repeating “Windows Support” etc). I told him I couldn’t find his company listed anywhere, and he finally hung up. I just wish there was some official body to report this to and they could do something about it.

  39. Rebecca Winter says:

    My mum in western Qld has been getting one or two of these calls a week. Her knowledge of IT is equivalent to the average gnu’s grasp of nuclear fission theory, but she HATES to be bossed around.
    She got her back up the moment she was ordered to turn in the computer “this instant”. Now that she knows it’s a scam, she makes herself a cup of tea whenever she gets one of these calls, and ties them up for 20mins or so – she figures that while they’re wasting their time on her, they’re not rorting someone else.

  40. Rob says:

    Got one tonight.
    Strung him along for a while, then tried to explain that my computer did not have a “START” button, but it did have a “shutdown” button..
    I didn’t tell him that it’s Linux, not Windows, because he didn’t ask…

    ALso, it appears that the teamviewer website appears different in Firefox in Ubuntu than what he expected me to see – there’s no “JOIN” button.. I’ll check this on a windows box.

    After he asked me to reboot, I said please call back because I want to watch Masterchef.

    Hopefully he’ll call back tomorrow after I’ve cooked up something amusing…

  41. Daniel says:

    I get about one every 3 weeks and some times a few a week, must be that my surname is just to common, just string them along aswell, and then say something like I don’t own a computer, or don’t have internet, or its an apple. How do the bastards know the minute I fall asleep on the couch that, that is the best time to ring.

  42. Julian W says:

    I get a call from these folks at least once a week. I usually play along, being all shocked and horrified…

    …As soon as you mention youre a computer engineer yourself, they hang up haha.

  43. James S says:

    Got a call from these goons last night and fell for it unfortunately to the point that I purchased the $160 “software protection” program over the net through what seemed a reputable website (had verified with Visa). Also allowed external access by their “technician” to sort out my technical problems. They were running a scan with some sort of program which I stopped half way through after feeeling unwell about the whole thing. I have since disabled my credit card and frozen my internet banking. My laptop will have to be reformatted as there could be malware, viruses, etc. The bottom line, I’m a goose for letting it go that far and people around Australia need to know about this. If I can work out the website names and programs they use I will repost.

  44. June says:

    Same thing has two calls, please add 039010 5652 to your list. I have reverse hassled them, so I ring and abuse them, or blow a very loud whistle and I have reported them to Microsoft, and the police and scamwatch

  45. Carissa says:

    Same scam, live in N QLD and number came up on screen as Overseas when they called last week and this week. Said they were from “Tech for Help” company in Melb and when I looked on their website, I phoned back their number and spoke to Indian “Rebecca Parker”. Their phone number, as on the website is: (03) 90056031.
    It’s sad that nothing has been done all this time and so many people have fallen victim!!

  46. Ern Elliott says:

    Received same call as Carissa in Qld.After a lengthy discussion with Techforhelp was passed over to their technician who got me to bring up all the warnings and errors on my computer. He then offered me services ranging from $400.00 down to $49.00 when he was deperate to sign me up. Phone number to call back was 03 90056031. Please keep up the good work and advise others of these scams.

  47. mm dude says:

    Hi Aussie friends.

    Getting these calls now in Canada. I played along for a bit, then told them I ran Linux. Sorry to hear of the folks that fell for this.
    Many thanks to all those who posted here to give me a warning while they were still on the phone!

  48. Kavita says:

    Add (02) 8005 7201 to the list. I just received the same call.

  49. Smack Donald says:

    Just had 2 of these call over the last 4 hours. Had them a few times over a year ago too.

    International prosecution or crackdown is extremely unlikely, if not impossible.

    They are highly organised call centres using conventional redirection and Voice-Over-IP to orchestrate this scam.

    Only thing you can do, the way I see it, is to appeal to the caller that what they are doing is shameful to themselves, their parents, their country and their god. Tell them about how some they are ripping off are poor, naive old folks for who the money they are taking is part of everything the victim has until they die. Stay calm and explain it to them. If one call worker has some morals, walks away and tells their friends you have succeeded in that global transaction.

    Good luck and be vigilant.

    P.S. Sorry India, I used to love you. You disgust me more by the day. Gloves off.

  50. Michele Aumann says:

    Am over sixty and fell hook line and sinker.What an idiot I am.No.was 0390056031

  51. J says:

    same scam – 999-910-0120

  52. CC says:

    I just got two calls tonight, but they were different than the normal calls. Instead of starting with the whole Microsoft and virus speech, they specifically asked for someone by my last name. I suspect they’re just using the phone book and adding “Mr” or “Mrs” to the surname depending on the gender of the person who answers. The first time I let the woman get as far as saying she was from some tech support company before I hung up on her, only to have them call back a few minutes later. I then asked how they got my last name, only for her to quickly hang up on me. I didn’t get a number, nor did I catch the name of the company in time, so I can’t give any more details than that.

  53. dhenchy says:

    Here is the SCAMWATCH government update on this issue

  54. Julian F says:

    Been getting one of these a month, and have just had one a day recently. I normally play them along sounding dumb.

    The guy yesterday claimed his name was “James Bond”! I laughed so much at this. He then asked my name and I told him it was “Ernst Stavro Blofeld” he did not bat an eye and carried on. I explained that I was always complaining to Number 2 about these issues, and how was I to run a secret base in a volcano with these windows problems. He explained that he could fix them for me and I said “Great because I am about to hold the world to ransom for $1 million and do not want blue screen issues affecting the countdown… at this point his supervisor came on and I explained that as the head of Spectre I did not need issues with my PC. I asked him if he was called M and he said his name was Philip. I said I would only speak to M, and that he should get his boss. He then hung up.

    Shame… I so wanted James Bond to fix the Spectre PC issues instead of blowing it up all the time…

    Next time they call I am going to run through the words to Peter Sellers “Goodness Gracious Me” Oh doctor I’m in trouble… well goodness gracious me…

    These people are a blight… I just use them to cheer myself up now!

  55. Sharni says:

    Well f*&k me, I got dudded….. and I consider myself to be quite savvy in this area – while they were talking to me, I was trying to google stuff as quick as I could, but still fell into their damn trap….
    Does anyone by any chance know what I should do now??? My first chance to get back online, and I look it up – only to see a UK news report stating call the bank and cancel the transaction and my credit card – and report it to the cops…. Is this the same thing I need to do in Australia???? HELP!

  56. Joe says:

    I had this scam yesterday, was a female and sounds very like the one in the video. This is the second time the phoned in the last 6 months.

    Anyway she mentioned that there was a problem with my download injectors!!!! and she was going to help. So I decided to have a little fun this time.

    Ok I asked to explain what the problem was as I was an IT Specialist (ok I lied) and maybe I could help, she said that I probably wouldn’t understand.

    Anyway I then said this is a scam isn’t it, she said it was not a scam. I said she was full of shit in fact she was so full of shit she actually was shit.

    I then I told her that why India was the toilet of the world and that’s why Indians were brown because they are the colour of shit.

    I the asked her to look at herself in the mirror and check she was still brown, and that she was a dirty stupid Indian.

    She called me a Stupid Aussie… doh!!

    I then told her no wonder Indians were getting beaten up in Melbourne because people like her were scamming the good folk of Australia.

    The I started saying… Bud Bud Ding Ding …Bud Bud Ding Ding..oh goodness golly me.

    In fact I racially abused her like so and she was in tears crying, I just kept it up until she just hung up.

    That was 12 minute of the life she wont get back.

  57. akash says:

    i too am an indian and work for one of these company in banglore and myself believe its a scam coz these errors are nothing and dont do any harm to the computer. i believe we are scaming people because its hard to get a job outhere and watever we get we have to do it. it has become kinda we are forced to work

  58. Jer says:

    Just got one of these ”scam calls” about 30 minutes ago. I answered the phone and whoever was on the other end had a VERY bad English accent. After failing multiple times at pronouncing my last name, I answered in french (Bilingual Canadian) and was told to speak English!!! The red flag was raised right there and then. So after answering in English the man (once again in VERY bad English) muttered some serious mumbo jumbo in which the only word I understood was ”Microsoft.” I just hung up on him and then researched Telemarketing Microsoft Scams and found this.

    Don’t be fooled!

  59. shawna says:

    So I just had someone named “alan” from the microsoft company say that I sounded like i was 16 and he wanted me to take his 7 1/2 inch penis and asked me how big my boobs were and if my vagina was clean. He also told me he had my address and he would be here in 30 minutes to have sex with me cause he likes having sex with little girls. I tried hard to get his phone number or manager or someone else on the phone but he wouldn’t. Keep in mind I am a 31 year old who works in a doctors office and this “alan” called here at my office. I wish I could do something or report this or something I just don’t know how to go about it.

    • Mick says:


      There several things with your post.

      1) If you didnt like the call from alan you would not have shared it, you say he had your address but called you at work, strange.

      2) He could have been a patient from your office.

      3) You could have told him that you wanted the 7 1/2 inches and wash yourself daily not like Indians (presuming that he had an accent)

      4) Or plain told him have it with himself.

  60. David says:

    Just had a call from Microsoft which sounds exactly like the woman on the video. She said I have problem with Windows. I said what was wrong with them and do I have a problem with my doors, roof and guttering as well. She said no …. with your computer.
    I said your one of those indian scammers and I dont have a computer and hung up

  61. Tony Matthews says:

    Microsoft has had its share in promoting scams. As a user forever telling ‘Microsoft about this problem’ the phone call telling me that Microsoft was responding was welcome indeed. Having received less savvy, less specific calls from Indian (?) accented men I didn’t turn on my computer as requested but asked for a contact number. I was given 9016 0638.

    For a brief moment I thought I may be going to get some assistance. Hope springs eternal and I was keen to believe in the authenticity of the call.

    So where are all the error reports going ? Will there ever be a response or will they just accrue in some cyber Warragamber

  62. Robyn says:

    They are still at it. Got a phone call about 1/2 hour ago (around 7.00 p.m. 19/01/12. Have been getting phone calls on and off for about a year. They nearly got me the first time, but I backed off at the last minute. Thank you for this website – I am computer sub-literate and appreciate it. Think they may be branching out. Got a call recently from a female with sub-continental accent who sounded very like the one who passed me on to her’technical supervisor’ before. This time my bank, unnamed, had diddled me out of $5000 and something dollars, and the government wanted to give it back to me. The ‘government’, viz. currently Labour Party, would have trumpeted such a scheme to the skies for propaganda purposes, and would in any case have made the bank give back the money, not give it themselves. The only ways I know that any of this could have been done would be by a bill through Parliament, which we’d have been told about with bells on, or by ministerial discretion. When I asked which department and which minister was involved my caller hung up.

  63. Robyn says:

    They are still at it as of 19/01/12. Have been trying me on and off with the tech. support line for about a year now. Think they may have branched out – what sounded like the subcontinental lady who handed me over to her ‘technical supervisor’ called to say my bank, unnamed, had diddled me out of $5000 and something dollars and the government wanted to give it back to me. If anything of the sort had happened ‘the governemt’, ie. Labour Party, would have trumpeted it to the skies, and as far as I know there are only 2 ways they could do it anyway – bill through parliament, which there wasn’t, or ministerial discretion When I said I didn’t believe her and laughed and asked which department and which minister was doing this she hung up.

  64. Robyn says:

    Clarification: the latest call was again tech support. It was a little while back that my unnamed bank had diddled me and my anonymous government wanted to give me the money back.

  65. steph says:

    I get these calls ALL. THE. BLOODY. TIME…

    I JUST got another one about 5 minutes ago!

    It’s ridiculously annoying and SO funny when I tell them to piss off because i’m running Linux.

  66. Peter says:

    You can also add the following scammer’s number following a fiery discussion I had last night with some Indian(?) caller. Phone number Sydney 02 8014 8229 name said to be Alex with an extension number of 568. Organisation said to be Microsoft Technical Support. If you believe this guy please contact me as I have a harbour bridge you might want to buy.

  67. Madeleine says:

    Hahaha, they rang me and I’ve have these calls before so i decide to okay along with it a bit. The first time i was sounding really worried etc etc, and than I said i was from the federal cyber police of australia and he immediately hung up! The next time i played along with it for ages until he asked if i had downloaded it and i said “no, sparks were coming out of it so i threw it in the pool, but thanks anyway!” haha that was so funny. Another time when he said “I’m from windows” I kept saying “vindows, whats vinous?”
    he said “ono windows I’m from windows” and than i said “vindows? what is vinous???” etc etc !!!!
    very very funny!

  68. Debbie says:

    Are we allowed to blow a whistle into the phone?

  69. Maria says:

    Another one tonight. Who can do something about this. Who do we inform to follow it up. The number I got is 03 9075 1876.

  70. Katherine says:

    I got one of these phone calls last night, got the phone number as I said my husband wasn’t home and he does the technical stuff. They rang again 5 mins later to receive my same response.
    We have had a variety of these calls over the past 12-18mths but the first time I actually asked for a phone number – it is 02 8005 0464 I was told to ask for Justin.

  71. Shirlie says:

    I also received a call from a person with an east Indian accent telling me that my mother board was going to be damaged and that they were with Microsoft and his name was Michael. (We all know they don’t have names like that!)They called on my cell phone and I told him that I wasn’t at my computer and couldn’t do anything at that time. I knew it was a scam and asked him for a phone number where I could call back. Here’s the number: 09-58709288. Be aware everyone !!!

  72. Natasha says:

    My parents received a phone call from an Indian scammer while I was at their place today. I caught my father on the computer and he was about to give information away when I took the phone off him. I asked the Indian man who he was. He refused to tell me and said he would only speak to my father. When I said to him that I would like the business name, the business number and his name, he refused to give it to me. He then became abusive and said “who are you, you are nobody”. I asked him again for his name and to speak to his supervisor. He again refused and became very angry. I told him I would contact the police because he was now becoming threatening. He said “go on, do it now, they can’t do anything”. I told him not to call here again and he stated that in fact I was wrong because he would now make sure they receive 20 phone calls a day. Regardless, of me asking for his details, he continued to refused and kept his abusive manner the entire phone call. My issue is that we are powerless in that situation and have no control over who invades home privacy. I was just glad I caught it time, but was very upset by the end of it all.

  73. Richard Scheibenstock says:

    I also was called by ” Microsoft “.
    PH : 02 800 504664 and 02 800 35397
    I have since found out that they are also Global IT /Microsoft.

    My case is very simelar to your video and ather stories posted on this site.
    I fell for it.
    My Mouse was moving from a remote site.
    I entered my credidit card details on there
    payment site ,which just apered as some Girl
    was taking to me.
    I entered my card details ,but became worried
    when the form supplied also promted me to enter my Date of birth.
    I questioned the girl on the phone about this
    and was told that this is there standard practise.
    I told here that I want to call my Internet provider /Computer Technician before I want
    to continue.
    The form submitted itself.
    I rang my Provider and was told to unplug my
    computer .
    I had a $ 381.- Charge on my credit card.
    I have since canceled my card and
    refigurated my Computer at my own cost.
    I have also changed every account and password.
    I had grat dilliculties to have my card payment through my West-Pac Creditcards stoppped and the charge reimbursed.
    I now receive E-Mails and Phone calls from
    ” Global It ” saying ” that I should Re- pay
    them or they will hand this to there “Legal Team”
    I have also repoerted them to the ACCC.


    I had a $ 381.- and charge on my credit card

  74. Barry says:

    Re Indian cold CALLERS !!

    Just Say ” Bun Murra” to them …..they quickly hang up.

  75. Ravi says:

    Hi..The scam is very serious and need serious attention. I saw the video and I am sure that more than one country is involved in this. Because the lady voice is not indian. But the male voice is very much Indian. So this “MNC” SCAM need to be stopped. Take it up the Government and the Indian Embassy. I am well and truly sorry for those who have been scammed.

  76. Margaret says:

    My husband got caught with this one. They took over the computer and got credit card details. We had been having problems with our bigpond email account and they managed to fix this took them a good couple of hours. But he is not the tech savvy one and when I got home and found out I find this site and we have cancelled our credit card and will despite the spend. Does anyone know if they load key stroke software into the computer to track internet banking activity etc. We have reported to the bank and the fraud squad but really it comes down to don’t get sucked in. If the computer needs fixing go to a reputable business. Don’t trust bogus phone callers. We have a do not call banon our phone but hey they don’t care. They would not give a phone number they were calling from!!

  77. Betty says:

    Just had a call from an indian re above.
    telephone no is 03 9016 9730
    March 20th 2012

  78. Nicholas Guy says:

    Same thing happened to me tonight,I am in Brisbane, the guy gave me the number 07 8005 7201 to check his ID, this number must be re routed to India, luckily I found this site, so managed to avoid the scam, my only suggestion is to keep them talking and on the phone for as long as possible with long absences ‘while I find a pencil/answer the door/baby crying’ then ask them to ring back in ten minutes and other time wasting fun stuff, etc etc….. that way we can drive up their phone bills and get a little sweet revenge

  79. jeremy says:

    Guys you can block these assholes by calling scamwatch i called Crime stoppers and they are based worldwide these scammers, scamwatch will block the number.

  80. Vince says:

    I received a call from these guys telling me I had a windows problem I played along until I was bored with them and thats when I told them I have a Mac and to go shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  81. Vicki Parslow Stafford says:

    They’re still at it here in Qld. “Victor Davis” claiming to be from Global IT p/l at, phone 02 80050464. I played along until he tried to get me to open Event Viewer, which is when I hung up.

  82. Brigid says:

    I think the scammers are getting more aggressive. I received 3 calls over the last 7 days [in Tasmania]. The last caller said he worked for Microsoft and when I kept questioning him he told me to f**k off and hung up on me!! Maybe he didn’t reach his quota.

  83. Craig Black says:

    This has been going on far too long……My family has had these continually for 3 years
    Surely there is something that can be done to block these.

    It isn’t even funny stringing them along anymore!
    I have even been threatened – I told the guy to go hang himself – his reply “I called you – I know where you live, maybe I will come and hang you and your family”.

    Something should be done. The Elderly or non computer literate could get really worried by these calls.

  84. Bethany says:

    Recieved a call from these people today, claimed his name was Michael and gave me a phone number after I told him I would call back. Add (02) 800 34288 to the list of scan numbers.

  85. Donna says:

    I’ve had a very persistent scammer call me at work 3 times, insisting that he is only trying to help me and that if I do not do as he says this “infection” will destroy my files and that hackers are stealing my information. The number he gave was 03 9008 4298 along with an address in Melbourne. Very strong Indian accent and loud call centre in the background.

  86. Melissa says:

    We have now lost count of the number of times the Indian fake windows support that work for our Internet provider have called. One week it was every day sometimes twice the same day. Sometimes we string them along, sometimes hang up. I really do have a Mac but we also do have 3 windows laptops plus a desktop in our house. The last time we had the call i swore at them quite considerably and was told I was very rude and he referred to himself as like my brother, so i told him in that case and swore even worse, he got the point and hung up! Haven’t had a call back since. Considering i actually work for our Internet provider as we go through a local company I am aware that it is all a scam. Its disappointing though when we get lots of calls stating we are using indians when we clearly are and australian only business, and these people are believing the scammers.

  87. Paul says:

    I had the same call from the scammers and I played with them for half an hour. was the funniest laugh i ever had. the are so stupid and I had them going as i claimed i was computer dumb. spoke to 3 different people before they realized i was taking them for a ride.. keep those calls coming in please!!!!!! I love it!!1

  88. Howard says:

    Had an Indian call centre call work a few months ago offering a new software package for our computer system (we have 5 computers) I asked if he was from an Indian call centre as I could hear other phone calls in the background and he wouldn’t answer the question. The boss ended up on the phone talking to him and asked for the name of the company he was working for the Indian caller promptly hung up!

  89. Hayley says:

    I also received a call about the same, Windows Technical Department. Add this number too 0280113834, be sure to ask for Molly Roger!! πŸ˜‰

  90. bruno says:

    Got a call from Indian accented ALEX today. Claimed to be from Microsoft and told me my computer is full of viruses. Ask for his phone # to call back 02080713834 Note the almost identical # in the previuos mail!

  91. Tracey says:

    I have received calls from overseas and answered one today from an Indain called Shane at Windows Techincal Support. Add this number to the scam. 0280034288

  92. Luis says:

    I just tell them I have an Apple machine. They hang up straight away.

  93. jacqui says:

    I got a phone call from “windows support”tonight the same time that an error message came up. I have had numerous phone calls over the years and never fell for it but they got me with the error message.I let them have remote access to my computer. Thankfully i didn’t give them a credit card but i am still worried as to what they can access on my computer. I cancelled all my internet banking and currently running a scan. I just feel so sick

  94. Kimberley says:

    I just had the same experience here in Tasmania, I knew as soon as I heard the Indian accent calling from ‘Online PC expert’ on behalf of Microsoft that it was a scam. As When I questioned the callers authenticity, I was put onto a ‘Shaun Watson’ who was very aggressive and threatened to call me everyday because my sick computer was sending microsoft messages! It ended with ‘Shaun’ calling me a liar and that my computer would be ‘blacklisted’. Dickheads.

  95. Bev says:

    I have recently put a trace on these overseas calls to try and stop them. An Indian gentleman told me he was from Microsoft technical Support in India and I had huge problems with ‘error’ and ‘warnings’. I spent a lot of his time, but eventually he told me to close done all systems that protected my computor, that way all the real warnings and errors would be available.( I had no intension of doing any of this but I just wanted to see how far he would go) He then told me I didn’t understand so I should definitely do as he says. I told him I wasn’t happy with who he was. His answer – well OK but what about a fuck? Nice people, be aware.

  96. Teegan says:

    Had this call today. Recorded it all and sent it to the appropriate people including the IP addresses. Add this number to your list 0280062637

  97. Howard says:

    Seems that the Philippines has taken over from India for scam phone calls. Had 2 calls in the last 4 days at work offering “advertising”.

  98. MacUser says:

    Same old same old – decided to try the string along and kept them out of someone else’s face for about 20 minutes while getting on with my marking. Then a call today – Saturday so I decided to really try to tie them up as I also had a lot of filing to do. Was not very good at following their instructions though I did forget to mention I have a mac ;-}}

    You know how it is Saturdays, someone at the door, dogs want to come in, daughter lost her keys, dogs want to go back outside, etc – so many distractions! Because I was so hopeless I was referred on to the ‘technical supervisor’ about half way through so we started again. Identical script of course but I did get him on to Firefox instead of Explorer. Then on to the same website as the video with the code which strangely did not work. Why anyone would want to open their system to a random caller is beyond me but obviously there are many. Finally I asked if it would be best to take it back to the Apple Store where I bought it. Stunned silence. You have a Mac sir? Yes – does that make any difference – I need to get this problem fixed? Goodbye sir. (At least I got a sir.)

    I am claiming 39 minutes and I think there should be bonus points for the supervisor time. If you feel up to it I invite all to try and better this time. You can also get a lot of filing done.

    • Mick says:

      Hi MacUser

      I may have done better with on who was trying to get me to take up a mobile offer.

      I live in Perth but told the caller that the phone was diverted and that I was 50km from Broome, he had no idea where this was and I strung him on for 53 minutes even giving him some numbers as my credit card.
      He promised to deliver the mobile phone that nite and I had several beers whilst leading him on.He only hung up when I told him that I had just shot a kangaroo and had fried its hed for him to eat when he got here.
      Ended up nearly myself

  99. Jeremy says:

    Just had my 3rd one of these calls in less than a week. I’m aware it’s a scam as I work in IT. I’ve had some fun stringing them along & also just hung up. On the lastest call tonight I wanted to see if I could get some additional info. The caller was an Indian guy called Ben Lawson from Windows Support. Same deal as above. I asked for a phone number and contact to call them back on as I was busy. Got the name Alex and phone number 02 03 02 66 392. I don’t intend to call the number but you may want to add it to the list above.

    This is now just starting to get annoying. If it continues I may just block all international calls to my phone and use Skype instead. On the other hand, most of the calls from call centres use auto dialers and they generally don’t like answering machines (they are usually programmed not to connect the call to an operator if they connect to an aswering machine) so I will probably just screen all my calls and ignore the disconnects. If I wanted to get really creative it could be fun to setup an asterix server and my own IVR – dial 1 if you are a spammer or 2 if you have a legitimate reason to call.

    • Jeremy says:

      So today while I was at work the scammers decided to target my wife during the day and called her about 6 times throughout the day.

      She became quite distressed by the harrasment. So around 16:45 I called Telstra. I first spoke with the complaints department and then with the unwanted calls department. After reviewing the available options, I agreed to block all incoming international calls.

      Hopefully this will quell the recent unsavory onslaught of scamming abuse.

  100. Sue says:

    I get these calls on a daily basis. I tell them I run Linux, they get pissed off. Am so sick of them, am about to get a whistle to put next to the phone for the next time they call.

  101. terry says:

    Yep, heard all of the above stories, even tho I’m on the do not call registar, still getting them.
    Last one tonite, quiet nite on TV so thought I’d play games, after 5 mins of asking dumb questions I said, now what do you want? (as I couldn’t understand him)….reply…”I want to f**k your woman”, and hung up……nice people !!!

  102. sapna says:

    I am a Kiwi-of indian descent , one indian called up same as above, got me uttering good words he musnt have heard from his country woman never got a call again, they scam call (so called )informing you have got $7400 call up the numbers. sorry for being racist though I am an indian by ethnicity , they think they are too smart for us.

  103. Tommy Tylerr says:

    Been harrassed by these Indian scammers all week long. About the 3rd time I asked for names and phone numbers. Here you go:
    “Aufpin” (manager)
    Said they were ringing from Melbourne. Heres the number:
    03 9015 9469
    Will probably have to ring telstra and have them block all incoming international calls, like Jeremy.

  104. Jen says:

    Just got yet another call from these scammers.

    Warning to all: They’ve changed their introduction and are now pretending to be taking a survey. Unfortunately for the scammer, he’s called me so often that I recognize his voice. Of course, the first question he asked was whether I had a computer!

  105. allan says:

    yep, same ol problem, i’ts getting ridiculous. avoid this number 03-90159647.

  106. Anne says:

    I get atleast 4 calls a week, depending on what mood i am in i either say “thats funny cause I dont have a computer” or blast them for being liars & theives. Yesterday I asked the indian girl why she is doing this, trying to steal for people, she told me to F off & h ung up on me!!! Why cant this be stopped!!!

  107. Liam says:

    I prank called them and I said “I am calling from the Australian embassy in India, and we have tracked your number when you called us regarding the computor event viewer errors. We had one of Australia’s top tech person on the case and he said “There is nothing wrong with the computors of Australia. So where are currently tracking your location and once found you and all of your colleages with be arrested for multile reasons.”
    Which at that point he hang up on my and never called my house ever again. πŸ™‚

  108. Bel says:

    We get these calls on an almost daily basis. It’s starting to really frustrate!! Going to get the landline disconnected probably because of these idiots.

  109. Julie says:

    Tonight I received a couple of these calls – yet again! Also had the ID come up as Overseas, then a second one gave me this phone number … 14692869841 (googled it and apparently it’s in Texas!). The Indian woman only said her name was Anna before I just said, in a gutteral growl, “what computer?” and hung up. Haven’t had anything afterwards, but they’ll no doubt call again. I usually just ignore the calls …. πŸ™‚

  110. hack says:

    no response from any port thus proving it no longer is in use

  111. meng tan says:

    Just had a call from an indian girl who says she was from windows support …I was sceptical and she put me on to her supervisor and he actually gave me a phone number (03)9028 2786 so that I can call back. I rang the number and a girl with indian answered with “Windows support & service”…

    • Jackson says:

      I also just got a call from “Window’s Support” giving this number (03 9028 2786) to call and gave me the name of a “Certified Ingenious”, Jack Miller. They also reeled off a ZFSENDTOTARGET CLSID number claiming it was my serial number which was magically what it says it was on my cmd (but is also the same as anyone that runs the same operating system as me). Very indepth scam!

  112. Judy says:

    I had 2 calls in the last few days saying they were from Windows and that there was a problem with my computer as it was sending error messages. I said I hadn’t gotten any error messages and they said that it is serious and the I am about to lose a lot of info on my computer.
    I told them I had good anti virus protection and it hadn’t detected anything, to which they said it wasn’t a virus. I said that I didn’t think Microsoft made phone calls and the reply was that they are a company employed by Microsoft. I was then instructed to go to “start” etc and asked what was on the screen. To which I commented “nothing as I have turned off my computer and will ring Microsoft for advice”.
    I asked for a number and was told 0261004232. If you ring this number the message is “the person you are trying to reach is not available. Please leave a message after the beep”.. .. no company name or receptionist or identification of any sorts.
    A few months ago I had similar happen. He first said they would fix the “problem” for free, then all of a sudden I had to buy software. I gave them a story that I don’t have money for that,so he then asked for my bank details because he wanted to help me out and give me some money. When I asked in disbelief why he would do that, he said to help me. Really?! Beware folks.

  113. Katee says:

    I received a phone call today from “Richard” with an accent claiming to be from Microsoft. Said I wasn’t near the computer can I call him – he gave the number (02) 8091 7770. Didn’t call him – but I got done anyway, because I Googled “Microsoft Windows Support Australia” or something like that, to check with Microsoft whether they had a technician named Richard. Unfortunately I clicked on the “MyTechSquad” web site because they made it look like a Microsoft site. I rang the freecall number on the site 1800 767 821 , not realising it wasn’t Microsoft. Because I thought I was talking to Microsoft, I gave them remote access and they checked Event Viewer, said there were all sorts of errors, ran a disk clean up or some such and charged $130. I though I was being smart by not returning the phone call, but I got caught anyway.

  114. Cj says:

    Just had the 4th call from these scammers in 6 months they are insane.. He told me he works for a company outsourced by Microsoft to fix up computers with serious virus issue.. When I told him after our first incident we had contacted Microsoft who advised they do not outsource nor do they cold call.. Well all I got is who is the director of Microsoft then yelled in my ear… And i need to buy this software stuff or my computer will be at risk to scammers… i then informed him he is the scammer.. which is why i was not allowing him access to my computer…that was it barrage of abuse..Well after this call I have had enough and I let this guy have it both barrels blazing… I have all my numbers on the do not call register but doesn’t seem to be working..

  115. Cj says:

    Oh and the fee was $399 and when I said I couldn’t afford that he offered me a payment plan..guess once they have the credit card details that’s all they need..

  116. Grace Loy says:

    Got a call less than an hour ago about my windows warranty expiration and looking through eventvwr, seeing errors and warnings. Indian man, “senior technician” for windows? John Mc…(didn’t give me the rest of his surname) worker ID 860011. Told me to call 02 8091 5009 if there were any problems. Told my friends on Facebook, everyone agrees it’s a SCAM!

  117. rebekah says:

    Hi so my hotmail recently got hacked i googled, hotmail help and came it came up with this number 1 800 102 209 which is “McHelper” it is a scam very similar to this one, the guy blabbed on about stuff, then he put me through to another person, the connection then went funny and it cut out, he then called my home phone back which is odd as it is a private number!! this guy managed to get some code thing from my computer not quite sure what that did, but once he “fixed” everything he said it will cost $199 for 3 months, i said i could not pay that so he tried to put me on a cheaper plan, i wasnt going to pay for it, so he removed whatever he did and we hung up, now i’m worried my computer is hacked worse then before, i’m hoping one of my mates can nuke my computer and start all over..

  118. Peter says:

    Principle: Time is money to parasites.

    Technique: Speak to the parasite for 20 seconds then get called away from phone to baby. Return after 1 minute. Repeat this adding 1 minute to the wait every time until they hang up. If you have time to spare and enjoy antagonizing the garbage of the world, you now know how to cost them money.

    PS. To the scammers, garbage of the world, reading this, I hope you contract an STD and go slowly insane. πŸ™‚ Have a nice day.

  119. Noemi says:

    I live in California and I received a call from “Windows” (indian guy) at first I went along believing them because I have a computer that is generally messed up. I let him remotely access it and then he asked me to write my email and number on notepad so he can call me when he was done. I did. And midway through whatever he was doing i shut off my computer because I had a bad feeling about it. Then he called back and my dad said to leave it since we were getting rid of it anyways. Immediatly after the phone rang reapeatley, until i pulled the plug on it. What should I do. The caller ID only said out of area and i cant block out of area numbers since my aunt lives in finland and calls constantly. What should I do?

  120. Cherie says:

    Wednesday 20th march 2013?An Indian guy has been ringing my 93 yo mum in Perth for the past 2 weeks saying he was from Telstra and wanted her bank acc details to allow her to get more computer access, she doesn’t have a computer! They were 02 & 03 numbers. When I rang the numbers back no one answered. Last night they rang and spoke to my 30 yo daughter saying they were from windows technical support and wanted to fix her computer. Mum and my daughter are sure it’s the same people or scammers. When she said they didn’t have a computer they argued with her for almost 20 mins then my daughter hung up. They rang her back straight away and called her a c..k s………g b…..h and asked why she had hung up on them! So she hung up again! I rang the police but there is nothing they can do, they advised don’t answer 02,03 or private numbers. If its friends or family they can leave a message. Thank goodness mum and my daughter didn’t give them any information.

  121. skooi says:

    omg this scam coming again.few blur indian from ‘window pc support’ just called me.

  122. Sow says:

    Hi..Iam from brisbane..Received 3rd scam call…On the lastest call I wanted to see if I could get some additional info.This time i told them “if i had any problm with my computer i will contact the windows technical team directly ” so the guy called daniel watson gave me their number 48553000820 and his id 105.

  123. Melissa says:

    this guy has been calling just about every 15min everyday for weeks, we have had enough. is there anything we can do?

  124. Natasha says:

    My dad fell for this scam2 years ago , now we are been harassed by these people , the ‘Microsoft’ people clearly calling from India are trying to ‘refund’ the money we gave them but can’t send it through money order or any other means then credit card ,
    Clearly a scam it’s so frustrating they have rand our house at lease 2 times a day even on weekends for over a month sometimes as late as 10 at night , they rang about 15 minutes ago and got really aggressive after
    Saying we don’t want the money back saying its a crime not to take the money and that some one will arrest is I’m half an hour IT’S REDICULOUS I don’t know what
    To do to get them to stop

  125. rob says:

    I just recieved a call tonight, did’nt get the number just said international on my home phone, i knew it was a scam immediately so i played a long, agreed to do everything they asked me to do all the while i was just watching tele, after a few minutes of me asking silly questions and feigning concern, i told the fellow on the phone i must have aneven bigger problem than he first thought, he asked me what did i mean, i said when i booted my computer up it did’nt say windows anymore, he said he did’nt understand i said it’s because i switched to linux a few year’s ago, and gave him the gob full of a lifetime. Haha, love toying with the scammers, i figure if i can take a bit of their time it may help someone else they would have rung instead.

  126. Nicole says:

    I have now received 7 calls from “Windows Technical Support”. I’ve told them they are running a scam (which they deny) and hung up on them. I’ve played games with them and pretended to be other people. I’ve told them I own a Mac. I’ve told them I don’t own a tablet or laptop (their latest questions). I’ve sworn at them. I’ve asked them not to call. They keep calling. I have caller ID and sometimes it’s a private number and other times it’s an international number. They always swear they are calling from Sydney. I’ve pretty much had enough and no sure how to get rid of them. So bloody annoying they are!!! It’s fun for one call, but after 7 it’s just really really annoying!

  127. Jeffrey says:

    Yeh i got that call like an hour ago and i fell for it and since my laptop is windows 8 they changed my email pw so i couldnt log into my laptop but they didn’t know I could change my email by sending a reset code to my other email the regain my laptop access those people cannot be trusted next time u get a call from them just say “i got a mac” and hang up

  128. dominickj says:

    I keep getting a call from an Indian Dialect person/s stating he is a Microsoft Technician. He wants to take control of my computer to show me where it needs repair. OF course I will NOT let this happen. I’ve told them legitimate Microsoft technicians DO NOT CALL their clients on the ‘phone. I have insulted them, swore at them, hung up on them, NOT answered the phone and yet they continue to call. Here is one of the numbers that has tried to reach me 606-834-1033 Please list their number with the rest of them. I wish Microsoft could do something to these bastards.

  129. Jennefer says:

    They called me and a man with a heavy indian accent said someone was trying to hack into my computer from Sweden and there were harmful viruses. At first i believed him and he guided me through the process. thank god i did not have a credit card at the time and they said they would call back the next day. worried, i searched up something the man was talking about called ‘mother protector’ and nothing came up, which was wierd. i then researched telemarketing scams and here i am. Now that i know, i am going to give them a piece of my mind when they call back.
    PS There are some files on my computer that i cannot access because of their downloads.. what should i do?

  130. sleep says:

    got a call from someone from india. they said I had errors and my computer was a slave to hack material . I had errors in viewer and this was proof of it. wanted me to use teamviewer to see the errors.
    repair one time 99.00, 2 years 150.., 10 years 499.
    at that point I told them I was broke and could not afford it.
    for awhile they had me hooked until money was mentioned. I woke up at that point.

  131. Ken says:

    This woman with an Indian Accent rung our land line about 30 mins ago claiming to be from Microsoft, started off being friendly asking about my day etc. At first I played along.

    Then she said that she has been noticing several errors on my windows apple computer. I said Windows Apple? She said i meant your computer. I said no I heard Windows Apple. She said no I meant Windows machine. I said okay what do you want from me. She said you have many errors on your computer.

    I said how do you know this? I work in IT. I look after my own computer I would know if I have errors. She then said, oh no you don’t have to pay for anything I am not selling you any thing it is free. I said sorry, I said I work in IT I did not ask about any fees. She said that is correct it is free.

    I said to her I WORK IN IT, I would know if anything is wrong with my computer. I said I have to go now. GOOD BYE, GOOD BYE, BYE, and then hung up.

    The woman clearly could not understand me at all.

    This is the first time this particular scam has happened. I knew it was a scam immediately, I had no idea this one was still going around. I am in Brisbane and I happen to work with Microsoft products daily. I find it very amusing that anyone can try to mislead me let alone me mislead them easily.

  132. Kristy says:

    I’m really worried I let these scammers have access to my computer for around half an hour the problem is they didn’t call me ! I called them 1800 767 821 which I took from what I thought was a legitimate Microsoft site.

  133. Ailsa Kierath says:

    I had a call yesterday from an Indian woman t & it quotedelling me she was from Windows & that she ‘Wanted to save my computer from viruses’….I had recently read an article about this & it quoted a Sth. Aust. phone number….So I asked her for her number & she gave me: 08.7200.0370…Then I asked her what Windows system I was using & she obviously told me she didn’t know…When I asked her the name of her company she said: VA?ESAHURE….Unable to understand the 3rd letter! When I asked if she wanted remote access to my computer she said ‘No’….I asked why they didn’t email me & she said they don’t email people…She finally called me ‘dumb’ & told me my computer would crash in a few days….I hung up…

  134. David says:

    I received this telemarketing call. After asking to be taken off the list he went on to tell me how he wanted to fu$* my daughter and fuc* my mother.

  135. James says:

    We are a small law firm in Melbourne and we get these about 4 times a month.

    Annoying, but there are worse and more dangerous scams out there – complex swindles for clients and the like.

    We just worry for our parents and less savvy people out there who may trust people over the phone – they could fall victim to this sort of thing. Terrible really.

  136. Val says:

    How can I stop these stupid telemarketers. Fraudulently saying they are Microsoft. I am so sick and tired of daily phone calls. No matter how rude you are theres
    no stopping them. Today they tell me they were from Telstra. SNEAKY SNEAKY

  137. Greg says:

    Another number for you 02 80914906 – scam is to get access to your computer, they state that they are from Telstra IT and there is a big problem with your computer. So far they have used three names, Shaun Davis, David parker and Christine De souza. Very western names with an Asian accent.

  138. King says:

    They said they were from Microsoft server.
    That’s the call back number they gave me. When I called back they said they didn’t have a “Sam Parker.”
    Both people had Indian accents. Oh, I’m from Arkansas, United States

  139. Liam says:

    In that comment at the beginning of the article why does the spelling of Ryan Astle’s name change from ‘Ryan’ to ‘Rayan’. That should tell you something is fishy there.

  140. Flemming says:

    Can’t be bothered stringing them along any more – I now just resort to ‘piss off’. Certainly makes me feel better.

  141. Mike says:

    Got a call from someone with a heavy Indian/Pakistani accent, I suggested he forget scamming me and instead hurry home, because as we spoke, his female family members were being molested by a horn hog and that I heard them screaming and begging for more….He attempted profanities so I laughed loudly and hung up. Being frustrated with the response; he reattempted phoning couple of hours later with a different number…well he got a repeat response. Born loser and not too bright…just another Indian genius.

  142. Jack says:

    Please advise any caller that you are recording their voice and will pass it onto the government security forces. New Biometric security processes installed at all (Western) modern airports will examine their voice and match it to a scam database. They will not be allowed into the country and be deported immediately.
    that should scare the crap outa them.

  143. Hamdan Jalil Badapat says:

    The only viruses that are probably there are from one Indian computer scammer’s cock fucking another PC scammer’s arse ! And hence the “payment!”

  144. Defender1 says:

    Pity that no one is interested about stopping those curry scammers because they are still very active. Every week I have noticed that they are still targeting innocent people who are generally unaware of what is happening to them. I have managed to get rid off a few Indian fake Microsoft call centre by flooding them with a few thousand calls a day. I have 20 mobiles redialling automatically their 1800 numbers and they are against the wall. I spend too much time looking for new working numbers by going through many complaints sites, reporting scammer’s phone is still the best way to stop those unscrupulous scumbags. It ‘ll be nice if we can revive this important section of this site. Please, please, keep reporting those phone numbers.Thanks

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