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Telstra and your privacy

Recently we’ve seen an increase in cases where Telstra/Sensis has been listing it’s silent line numbers in the White Pages. Telstra is attempting to shift blame for their mistake to 3rd parties. If Telstra has incorrectly listed your information, we … Continue reading

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Caller ID Validation API

We’ve now released our CID validation API, and it doesn’t even need an API key! This new API uses the Australian numbering scheme to determine if a number falls within valid ranges, and if so, provides you with information regarding … Continue reading

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The Australian Privacy Act 1988 and Reverse Australia

Here at Reverse Australia, we do what we can to honor any requests for privacy we receive from Australian consumers, while letting them freely leave comments about unwanted phone calls and Australian businesses. Regardless, the occasional person will find out … Continue reading

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How To Stop Telemarketing Calls in Australia

If you’re anything like me, you can’t stand telemarketers. It seems like they always call at the most inconvenient times. Have you ever jumped out of the shower to answer the phone, only to find out it’s someone trying to … Continue reading

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