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3 year old Google Play app suspended for updating interface?

Update: Google has reversed their decision, however provided no explanation or apology for the original suspension. The suspension also led to forced removal of the app from over a thousand phones and over a month setback on development time. Our … Continue reading

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Finding Australian Phone Numbers In Files With Grep

At Reverse Australia, we do a lot of work with large data files. In this work, it’s not uncommon for us to want to check that the data we parse from a file, matches up with the raw data in … Continue reading

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Reverse Australia hits the 1,000 “Like” milestone!

Thanks everyone for supporting our service. If you think we can do something better, tell us! On another note, we’re now up to 54 developer keys issued, and we have 5,634 unique phone numbers in our caller complaint database!

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Geographical functions in PHP

Hey guys, this is Karl, one of the developers are RA. We’ve been messing with a few GIS functions lately, and I wanted to make a post for the developers out there. It turned out the vast amount of PHP … Continue reading

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