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Australia Residential Database July 2014 Update

We have just finished a major residential database update for July 2014, bringing our last update of the year. As always, this also represents a significant update to existing numbers. Here is what the latest update brings: 113,280 new phone numbers … Continue reading

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Australia’s Largest Skip Tracing Database

  For those in the skip tracing industry, database access can be the difference between a locate and a skip. A good database has a strong focus on both identifiable and contactable records. Full names, address, dates of birth, email … Continue reading

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Australian Residential Database February 2012 Update

We are glad to announce that we are in the middle of our first update of 2012. Address data might be missing for the next couple of days while everything syncs up. We’ll keep you updated! 148,042 new phone numbers 49,745 new … Continue reading

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Historical Australian Residential Database July 2009 Update

Since we started our site at the end of 2010, we’ve been searching for data to fill our database, the oldest of our data being from 1999. Our previous 2009 data source wasn’t the most time accurate, so we’ve been … Continue reading

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Greypages and a history of reverse phone searches in Australia

The concept of reverse phone lookups is not new to Australia. There have been number of reverse directories floating around since the 90’s in various forms. These directories have been known as the black pages, green pages, grey pages, DTMS, … Continue reading

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