Telstra and your privacy

Recently we’ve seen an increase in cases where Telstra/Sensis has been listing it’s silent line numbers in the White Pages. Telstra is attempting to shift blame for their mistake to 3rd parties. If Telstra has incorrectly listed your information, we encourage you to contact the ACMA and lodge a formal complaint.

We don’t list your private information with the knowledge that it is private. Telstra is the billion dollar corporation making this mistake. Please hold them accountable for their actions.

If you would like your details removed from Reverse Australia, all you need to do is follow the instructions on our contact page.

If you are trying to get your details removed from, please be aware we have no affiliation with this site. The owners details are as follows:

Andrew Nicol
Datametric Pty Ltd
42 River View Terrace, Mount Pleasant, WA 6153

Please note that address is owned by Andrew’s parents, James and Hazel.


Hi there,

My name is Fiona and I work with Telstra in Australia. We have had a customer come into my store with a complaint about her details being listed on White Pages despite having a private number. We have been able to have her details removed from there but this is an urgent matter with police related implications if not removed so I am wanting to know the process to have her service removed from your website as a priority. I can see from your contact page that the standard time can be over a week but this is really not acceptable under the current circumstances and could prove dangerous to the customer.

Please advise.


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3 Responses to Telstra and your privacy

  1. Frankie says:

    Thanks for sharing the information here. This is very useful for those who are regular clients of Telstra.

  2. Hugh Manne says:

    I am not even with telstra but I set mt friends phone up for him. I rang telstra and using voice recognition pulled my name, address and account from almost a decade ago immediately. That was another story you would be truly shocked at as I was changing phone providers and they laughed at me, threatened me and told me my new details and said “we own the copper lines, we can do as we please”, that was after years of saying no box slots were available in our area for adsl so we needed expensive wireless, all a load of phooey which my new provider laughed at and said :thats business: wireless was $120 for 6 gig, new provider $30 for unlimited, unmetered, unrestricted no contract. ha/\

  3. Darren Houghton says:

    This database has statistics on the percentile of people who say it is a scammer / telemarketer / identity thief.
    Why are these numbers NOT automatically tracked down / blocked by Telstra. Is Telstra permitting this to make us pay for more data over their network??? NBN struggles to keep up in the area I live, yet we still get plenty of scam phone calls, perhaps if they blocked the crap in our system, the network would handle the load put on it.

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